At Waja Hospital we provide the following services

  • In Patient Services (IPD)

    ipd-serviceThe hospital has the total bed capacity of forty (40), there are different ward categories including general wards, private and VIP wards, these wards have modern facilities including cupboards and TV






  • Out Patient Services (OPD)

    The hospital has six consultation rooms; these are used for patients’ consultation by both general doctors and specialists. These rooms have modern equipments and facilities to facilitate the patient centered care.

  • Laboratory Services

    lab-servicesThe hospital has a modernized well equipped laboratory capable of doing a range of investigations and tests as clarified here







  • Pharmacy Services

    pharmacy-serviceWe have a 24 Hours Pharmacy Service that has more than 300 different types of medicines in our disposal.






  • Radiological Investigations

    WAJA HOSPITAL – GEITA has various radiological investigations which are currently available at our hospital.

  • Surgery

    surgery-servicesThe hospital has Operating theatre, which has two operating rooms. All these rooms are equipped with modern equipments. Currently, here is the list of Minor, Intermediate and Major Surgeries are capable of being carried out.






  • Maternity and Child Health

    The hospital has a maternity home which has three sections; Antenatal wards, Labor rooms and postnatal wards. Also, the hospital has a neonatology unit. All these sections are equipped with modern maternity equipments to facilitate patient centered care.

  • Emergency Services

    emergency-servicesThe hospital has facilities and equipments necessary for emergency services. We have 24 hours ambulance services for referral and also have emergency room at the hospital equipped with necessary resuscitation equipments and drugs in case an emergent patient arrive for stabilization before shifted to the general wards.





  • Specialists Consultation

    specialist-serviceGynecologist – from Monday to Friday 3pm
    Physician – Every Tuesdays and Fridays 2pm
    Pediatrician – Every Tuesdays and Fridays 2pm
    Cardiologist – Every Saturday From 9:am to 2pm